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Korhan Erel wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am working on a new setup where I control my two H9s by MIDI control messages. MIDI CC has a range of 0-127, whereas most H9 algorithm parameters have different ranges and units. I was wondering if there is a table of some sort that matches MIDI CC values to real parameter values …

I like the way that you think.  ‘Snapshot’ MIDI is more forgiving than a barrage of continuous control.

As you’ve stated, the ranges are scaled differently for each algorithm, sub-type, and parameter.  I started mapping out each one in the PitchFactor (which was daunting enough).  But when I Maxed Out my H9’s …

Now, I figure out the CC value equivalents as the need arises.  If it helps, there are a few ‘tools’ that I’ve used to match CC value to parameter position.  Create a DAW or sequencer MIDI file, and run it through the H9.  Write in a CC value from 0 – 127 at every measure.  Start & stop the sequencer at the matched parameter value.

I’ve found it easier now to use a MIDI keyboard switch or encoder with a ‘step’ feature (Novation), or the big ‘Knob’ on a Lexicon MPX-1.  Hook the 2 units up, dial in the values, then jot them down for future reference.

Korhan Erel wrote:
… An example: Which MIDI CC value does Pitch Shift +2 correspond to? …

Again, it’d be algorithm + sub-type dependent.  For the HarModulator, it’d be CC Value 66 or 67.  For the H910 / H949 Chromatic mode, it would be CC Value 90, 91, or 92.  Other algos or modes will be differing values.

Here’s a link to the posted Diatonic / QuadraVox Key & Scale CC values:  https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/7167#comment-7167

Korhan Erel wrote:
… Just to make it as clear as possible, I want to add that I am not talking about MIDI Control Numbers. I know I can assign whatever MIDI CC number to H9 parameters. What I want is for example what MIDI CC value 59 corresponds on the Mix parameter value range of an algorithm …

That would be 30% wet, in the PitchFactor algorithms.  As far as I know, the Mix values stay consistent across the H9 algorithms, but I haven’t checked out every single one.  If you have a specific algorithm parameter in mind, I may already have it ‘mapped’.  Or I can help you to get there.

Some parameters with 1000’s of possible values (like unsync’ed Delay) can’t be nailed exactly by a coarser 0-127 MIDI CC value range.  Pitch Bend supports double-precision accuracy … at least 12-bit, if not 14-bit.