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I bought a used H9 Max recently. I opened an Eventide account and registered it… all smooth. In my acoount, it shows my equipment is ‘H9 Max w/Wireless Control via iOS’ with the serial # of the unit. In my reading here, it seems I’m now the owner of all the algos on this unit and I can update FW and not worry about losing any capability. I have no idea if this was purchased as a Max or Max’d Out. My understanding is that it doesn’t matter how your Max got Max’d… it’s just a Max from then on…. 

Q: are my assumptions correct? Can I upgade the unit FW and restore full Max capability? I don’t see anything in my account about algos I own, only the label noted above.

Q: I’m curious, since Max status sticks to the unit, not the account, if you Max Out a lesser unit, you obviously don’t want to sell it if you have any plans to use an H9 ever again. You essentially would lose your investment in algos,,, unless you sold it for the price of a Core + Max Out. Is that correct?


Thx for your help….