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kevmken wrote:

Q: are my assumptions correct? Can I upgade the unit FW and restore full Max capability? I don't see anything in my account about algos I own, only the label noted above.

By FW I'm assuming you mean firmware.  Yes, you shouldn't have any trouble after upgrading the firmware.  Your H9 should stay a Max after the upgrade.

kevmken wrote:

Q: I'm curious, since Max status sticks to the unit, not the account, if you Max Out a lesser unit, you obviously don't want to sell it if you have any plans to use an H9 ever again. You essentially would lose your investment in algos,,, unless you sold it for the price of a Core + Max Out. Is that correct?


Yes, if I maxed out a Core, I wouldn't sell it for less than the going price of an H9 Max.  We've done a couple of promotions where people could max out an H9 for the same cost in algorithms as the difference between a core or standard and a max.  If you max out an H9 outside of a promotion though, you'll end up paying more in total for the device plus the algorithms than you would have if you just bought a Max.