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I’ve removed all the cables from the unit (XLR inputs, XLR outputs, SPDIF in used for syncing to external clock) and used another power switch that is not connected to my Furman switch. It shows the same behaviour. I’ve connected two jacks on the outputs and recorded with a Sony PCM D50 recorder with max input gain. The noisefloor is around -78db. I’ve attached a screenshot from Audition and also uploaded the recordings that have been normalised to -0.1db.

I’ve used two presets:

Digest Inn (Chorus/Flangers) with 32000, 44056, 44100, 48000 samplerates

External Detune (Chorus/Flangers) with 32000, 44056, 44100, 48000 samplerates


Please have a listen of the 48000 recordings, they all have a dinstinct oscilattion in the signal.