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SteveBowman wrote:

What SOURCE should I select for a clarinet? I’m going clarinet > modfacctor > pitchfactor > timefactor. I have a piezo pickup on the clarinet, not a microphone. I tried them all and don’t hear a different, but now I see it depends on the preset and algorithm. 



My suggestion would be Synth Lead for a soprano, and either Synth Lead or Synth Bass for an alto / bass clarinet.  I’m basing this on their note frequencies, relative to the range of a guitar or bass, and also on this ancient reply from Eventide.  https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/13109#comment-13109

I don’t know is whether the Guitar or Bass settings have some kind of low pass ‘rolloff’ that the Synth selections do not, but that’s my guess here.  But I would think that any filter range would shift accordingly, and that – with a clarinet – you wouldn’t mind sacrificing polyphony for faster tracking.