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Brock, thank you for your comment. But I notice you’re mostly guessing. I’ve searched this question and it seems that guesses are common, hard information hard to come by. Since this is merely a technical spec, I hope somebody at Eventide can settlle the issue with a post of the technical specs for each choice. Please!

Although I am playing a real clarinet, I put it through a EHX Pitchfork first, and often play with a -12 octave doubling the regular tone. Sounds exactly like a bass clarinet in the lower octave. Sometimes I go down 2 octaves -24 for special effects (through the ringmodulator on the ModFactor is awesome!). So I do need the lows. But even more importantly, I need the resulting tone to be as accurate as possible to capture the characteristic woody sound of a fine clarinet. Some of my compositions require authentic tone. On others I mod the tone so far, it’s unrecognizable as a clarinet. 

Again, I have the Time, Mod, and Pitch Factors, all in series. So I want to get this setting right on each one. If frequencies are rolled off with the wrong setting, the loss is multiplied.