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Have I the privilege of conversing with THE Mr. Factor? Wow. Sir, I am thrilled to be writing to you. I cannot believe this! Here is my query.

I have been told, by Carvin, that my MX1688’s effects loop will affect all 16 input channels. I have 2 sets of effects loop controls within the Effects Master Strip, so I have 2 effects loops available. If I hook the 1745M’s input XLR jack into one of the board’s effect loop’s sends, and one of the 1745M’s 5 output XLRs, (say output #1, for aesthetics) to the corresponding effects loop’s return on the mixing board, I am now affecting all 16 of the board’s input channels with module 1, and only module 1,’s delay, yes?  Now- module 1 on the 1745M is a delay module. The 1745M’s other modules are (from right to left) 2) delay, 3) delay/flange/pitch, 4) the Pitch Ratio rotary knob and 5) delay.  Now that I know for certain that the Pitch Ratio knob has no output, or signal, of its own, where do I plug the 1745M’s other 3 module’s outputs on my board? Where you thinking of going through multiple mixing boards when you designed the 1745M?

Again, Mr. Factor- I am downright thrilled to be conversing with you.


John Gulow