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jagulow wrote:

Have I the privilege of conversing with THE Mr. Factor? Wow. Sir, I am thrilled to be writing to you. I cannot believe this! Here is my query.

I have been told, by Carvin, that my MX1688's effects loop will affect all 16 input channels. I have 2 sets of effects loop controls within the Effects Master Strip, so I have 2 effects loops available. If I hook the 1745M's input XLR jack into one of the board's effect loop's sends, and one of the 1745M's 5 output XLRs, (say output #1, for aesthetics) to the corresponding effects loop's return on the mixing board, I am now affecting all 16 of the board's input channels with module 1, and only module 1,'s delay, yes?  Now- module 1 on the 1745M is a delay module. The 1745M's other modules are (from right to left) 2) delay, 3) delay/flange/pitch, 4) the Pitch Ratio rotary knob and 5) delay.  Now that I know for certain that the Pitch Ratio knob has no output, or signal, of its own, where do I plug the 1745M's other 3 module's outputs on my board? Where you thinking of going through multiple mixing boards when you designed the 1745M?

Again, Mr. Factor- I am downright thrilled to be conversing with you.


John Gulow


Howdy!  Hope I'm doing this right – I'm not much of a poster, but then we get very few Qs about the 1745M!  I'm pleased that yours remains extant.

First, each module has one output.  The pitch change module is double-wide, but connects to only one XLR.  So, you really only have four output modules in the unit.  The theory, at least 40+ years ago, was that each output would connect to one input channel of your board, so you would have multiple copies of the 1745M input signal, each at a different delay (or pitch), each at a different amplitude, and, with panning, at a different location.  Presumably that's still what you can do with it today.  Beyond that, of course you can patch the outputs through other processing devices before going into the board.  Hope this answers your question.

And thanks for the personal comments!  Given how long I've been around, I'm thrilled to be conversing with anyone!  At the last AES in NYC I was wearing a badge that gave my title as "Prime Fossil."