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Hello again, Mr. Factor-

So- I am not using the effects loop after all. I see. I am plugging into the input channels directly. The MX1688 can do this, however it’s my understanding, from Carvin, that I need to use both the in and the out jacks on any input channel. So- in order to have multiple patches, I would need multiple 1745Ms- using just 1 module from each DDL. I read that as I cannot use. say, the in and out on input channel 1, then connect just to the outs of any remaining input channels. I need to circle back with Carvin to verify that, though. So-  do the 1745M’s output xlrs 2-5 act as, sort of, “extentions” of output xlr 1? If not, wouldn’t there need to be 5 total input xlrs- to offset all 5 output xlrs?

As I was reading over the 1745M’s instruction manual, I found an interesting wrinkle. I noticed the I/O 3-pin xlr’s pinouts on page 4 are, regardless of being balanced or unbalanced, pin 1- analog ground, pin 2 – negative, and pin 3 – positive.  Present day 3-pin xlr pin out is pin 1 – ground, pin 2 – positive, pin 3 negative. Pins 1 & 2 on all the 1745M’s xlrs are 180 degrees out of phase with today’s xlr jacks. I got a wicked hum on power-up. My solution was to invert pins 1 & 2 on all cable (I’m using Hosa Technology balanced interconnect cables) jacks plugging into the 1745M- to, hopefully, solve the phase inversion problem, but I haven’t re-tested anything yet. I’ve also replaced the big C3 and C4 filter caps in the power section- in case they were the problem. I’m ready to replace BR1, BR2 and BR3 in the power section, if need be, as well. Do you agree with my solutions?

I noticed that you are a KISS fan. I am one, too- since mid ’70s. My 1745M was actually purchased from you, by Mr. Bill Aucoin, KISS’ manager back in the ’70s, for Gene Simmons, back in, I think it was, the mid to late ’70s. Do you remember anything about that device- or the transaction? It’s my intention to resuscitate my 1745M, and offer it to KISS tribute bands to use- for that extra little bit of realism, in their shows. I’ve asked the current staff at Little Ferry if they could find the original purchase receipt, so I could have a copy for the 1745M’s provenance, but no one there today knows where to look, or was even there, back in the ’70s. I have posted a couple of pictures of my 1745M, which you may view by clicking the ‘Eventide Gear’ bar under my forum avatar. I have many more, if you wish to see them. Again- I thank you SO much for taking the time to talk with me, sir. I am deeply honored.