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In the H9 (Max), there are a dozen or more algorithms that would add 1 or 2 detuned voices.  But if you truly want to mimic “up to three additional guitar tracks”, then the new PitchFuzz algorithm is the way to go.  The TC manual didn’t help out much, as far as the actual parameter ranges go, but here’s a good guess:



The PITCH AMT control takes the place of the DRY and EFFECT knobs.  DRY would be 0.0 Voices, and EFFECT would be somewhere between 1.0 Voices & 3.0 Voices.  In this preset, PITCH AMT also helps to recreate the DUBS and TIGHTNESS knobs.    The “random, subtle nuances” will have to be courtesy of your … foot.


You’ll have to use an expression pedal to introduce the “variations in time, pick attack, and pitch”.  PITCH A is slightly detuned at default (HEEL), and blended with the dry signal.  You won’t hear the heavily-detuned and delayed PITCH B & PITCH C, due to the current position of PITCH AMT.


As the expression pedal travels towards TOE position, PITCH AMT adds more voices, DELAY A & DELAY B are increased, and detuning is inverted between PITCH A and PITCH B.  About midpoint, you’ll have triple-tracking, with very shallow detuning on all voices.  Full TOE is the ‘loosest’  point of the TIGHTNESS simulation.


I added a slight overdrive boost with HOTSWITCH = ON.  The image above also shows the parameters with the expression pedal at full HEEL.  PITCH C is mixed slightly back, to tone down the DELAY C slapback.