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I hope that you caught my typos above (under the 3rd image).  It’s corrected below:

brock wrote:
.  … As the expression pedal travels towards TOE position, PITCH AMT adds more voices, DELAY B & DELAY C are increased, and detuning is inverted between PITCH B and PITCH C ….

In the ARP LEVEL mode, PITCH B and PITCH C will always run through DELAY B and DELAY C.  It’s another method for mixing between voices.  Dry + PITCH A at Arp Wet 0, and PITCH B + PITCH C at Arp Wet 99.



PITCH AMT stays static at 3.0 Voices, and the mixing of voice pairs takes place under ARP LEVEL.


Expression pedal HEEL is the default preset position.  Lighter doubling of dry + PITCH A.


At the TOE position, ARP LEVEL is a 50:50 mix of dry + PITCH A, with PITCH B + PITCH C on the ‘wet’ side.


For the HOTSWITCH = ON feature here, I added a switch-over to Group Wet 50 – DELAY LEVEL.  Dry / overdrive + PITCH A + PITCH B + PITCH C at Group Wet 0, and everything goes through the delay lines at Group Wet 99.  Note that the delay labels have now changed to DELAY 1 and DELAY 2 (now under DELAY LEVEL).

It’s a lot thicker sound – by design – but you lose the timing differences & separation between voices.  Any movement by the expression pedal will override the HOTSWITCH.  Everything shifts back to Arp WetARP LEVEL voice mixing, and DELAY BDELAY C processing, until the next HOTSWITCH = ON trigger.