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oggietel wrote:

I live in the UK and was just about to buy a H9 MAX, but the price has gone up from GBP579 to GBP699 ($898) – a difference of GBP120, or $ 154, overnight. This has just killed my purchase decision. For me, it's too much.

Sorry to hear that;  presumably it's b/c of currency fluctuations in the value of the British pound.  

oggietel wrote:

Is it possible to buy a H9 non-max and download the Space and TimeFactor elements that I already own in thier respective pedals, without having to pay for them twice?

Well, we give people 2 coupons for H9 algorithms purchases for every Factor pedal they own.  So, in your case you'd have 4 coupons plus the coupon that comes with an H9.

oggietel wrote:

suggested Eventide development feature for the future:


Functionality that allows the mix knob on your guitar effects pedal to fine tune SMALLER levels of effect with greater accuracy (at lower mix levels). If I just toutch the mix knob on the Space or TimeFactor it gets way too big, way too quickly. 

On the H9 we do have a fine tune mode that let's you dial in precise pitch values and what not.  Currently on the mix knob I think all it does is space the values further apart on the wheel, but I suppose it could be a nice feature if it let you dial in smaller steps on this control.  But I should note that maybe the reason it's hard to dial in the values on Space or TimeFactor is b/c that's using knobs which go from their min to max value in a single rotation of the knob.  The H9 uses a wheel instead, and that goes from the min to the max value in 4 – 5 rotations of the wheel (depending on the wheel's speed).