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Thanks a lot for creating this post oggie, the same thing happened to me !

I was going to buy the H9 Max at Thomann at 643€ and it rocketed to 799€ between July 11 and July 12 ! It was in my basket and hopefully I didn’t checkout !

I looked for other sellers, and the same thing happened for the french distributor Woodbrass, who sold it at 662€ and is now also aligned at 799€ !

I asked Thomann and they clearly answered :

Dear CustomerThank you for your email. Please note that prices are set by the manufacturer, and are subject to change without prior notice. Such changes are, therefore, beyond our control. Unfortunately the margin on this item does not permit us to sell it to you at the previous price.”

So the truth is that the new price seems to be coming from Eventide, not from some currency fluctuations or anything ! You’re lying !

And, same as you, I will not buy the H9 Max at this price. It killed my purchase as well !

I hope some day we’ll see this stompbox at a more reasonnable price, I will buy it instantly !