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AAgnello wrote:
We have not changed the price that we sell to our distributors for any of our current products since the day they were first sold. We can’t account for the discreptancy you encountered and we are sorry you’ve experienced this.

Thanks very much for that information AAgnello. It’s very significant. Since the price of a H9 Max has gone up by 21% across the board in Germany, France, and the UK – and fluctuations in the British pound are “not directly” tied to the Euro – I must conclude that it’s Eventides distributors who are profiteering and starting to harm Eventide’s sales in Europe.

I for one will remain very loyal to promoting the awesomeness of the Eventide sound – especially for post production audio. However, I will be buying no more Eventide product for the forseeable future. I’ve invested too-heavily in Eventide already, and if your distributors are currently profiteering anything I buy now is going to take a very SIGNIFICANT hit in its resale value in the not-too-distant future. 

Keep up the EXCELLENTLY FANTASTIC work over there in the US. I will be back immediately when things level out again.

What was that old Chinese proverb, or was it a curse? “..May you live in interesting times..??”