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Thanks Brock!

Wow! didn’t expect it to be this complicated, I will give it a shot. The effect its not a musical effect by any means, but its cool as heck. It doesnt need to be historically accurate, as the Scholtz’s pedal has a lot going on a the same time, such as, speed control, repeats control, infinite repeats, infinite sustain, I don’t know how he kills the effect instantly, and its all happening in the up, down sweep of the pedal ( I believe there’s also a side-side motion that controls something else) I don’t have an exp pedal with X,Y control, so I may be compromising one parameter, youtube have a couple of convicing hacks, but they involve wiring and soldering the two effects boxes (a tape delay and a Wah) together, not an option for me.

It occurred to me that by assigning parameters to the exp pedal, I could accomplish this, which I did, but I guess I chose the wrong algorithm to do this, and its not an accurate reproduction of the effect, but I will give your suggestion a try, and see if that gets me closer.

I tried a lot of forums an most people don’t know what I was talking about, and some didn’t even know it existed, but I’m sure everyone has heard it! if you’re reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this video: https://youtu.be/R1c0Bx_StvE , if you want to skip through all the BS go to straight to 2:15 and fasten your seatbelt!

I appreciate your help Brock, this should’ve been an algorithm preset on the H9 or Space pedals, I will post how it worked for me later.