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Bodde wrote:

It’s very easy and quick to adjust your level. So that should’t be a reason for not updating the algo.

If that were true, why suggest it needs updating to fix the levels??


But seriously.. anything that changes a patch I am already using on stage would be an unwelcome update, imo. 

Updating presets? Sure. I don’t have them on my pedal anyway. Let me file away all the PitchFuzz presets that I am not using because they are too loud? I want that. My H9 control app is cluttered with presets I don’t use.

But changing the underlying algo, so I have to go in and re-do my presets if I update the pedal? That should never be done. This is a stomp-box.. I need it to be predictable on stage… not unpredictably different after an update. And anyway- the PitchFuzz algo is fine. Its just that the presets aren’t gain-matched very well.