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Yes, those WET MIX fades are more appropriate for XP-300 Space Station effects.  Cool enough; just not ‘right’ for this application.  You need a way to toggle these FX.

I’ll speculate that the Scholz mod used the footswitch in the commandeered Wah pedal to switch the effect – instant on & instant off.  That option wouldn’t be available on most expression pedals.  That’s where the suggestion for ACTIVE / BYPASS switching came from.  Assuming that you wanted FX ‘trails’, I thought a BYPASS mode of DSP + FX was the best fit.  Maybe DSP (only), or RELAY instead, for instant on/off?

You really only need to control DELAY times with the expression pedal for this effect; given on/off switching elsewhere.  Perhaps a switch sending MIDI CC from your looper / MIDI controller?  The only reason that I included FEEDBACK level adjustments with the expression pedal was to have some method of toning down & ‘erasing’ the effect between uses.  You have to have a way to ‘feed’ fresh input into the delay oscillation.

Any FEEDBACK values between 100 & 110 (and sometimes as low as 85-90) will give you the infinite ‘sustain’.  And that goes for any regenerated delay-type algorithm.  I’ll toy around with a few things when I get back in front of it, & see what I can come up with.