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I see about an 18-20 dB spread of Output levels in the factory presets.  To me, that implies a variety of sources, preset programmers, & system setups.  I suppose that Eventide could have tried to compress that range, with a single test system.  Even that isn’t going to translate perfectly for the myriad of end-user configurations out there.

So what do you do (especially in an algo with hi-gain possibilities, with some automatic leveling features)?  ‘Normalize’ everything to 0 dB?  That has the same potential for TS issues. Use the Input & Output meters in H9 Control.  Tweak the presets to behave well in your own signal chain.  Presets were never intended to be ‘plug ‘n’ play’ for everyone. Otherwise, they’d be burned into ROM, and not adjustable & savable to RAM.  

AndreScott wrote:
… Any chance the folks over at H9 HQ could whip up a “ClassicsFactor” algorithm? Include some pedalboard staples… blue box number 2 chorus, orange box phaser, grey box flanger etc… As much as I love my H9, sometimes it’s hard or impossible to get those old school sounds, even sitting next to the originals! I would love to be able to leave the originals at home. Thanks!

I’ve got a few of those in preset form, if you’re interested.  I don’t often set out to ‘clone’ the classics, using the H9.  But I did cop my Script Phase 90 & original 117 at one point.

For the CE (which I don’t own), I started with very similar parameter values, then ‘translated’ across many, many algorithms.  That was more of an A-B test on how the embedded chorusing features compared to one another.  Subtle, yet distinctive.