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danielperaltav wrote:
Hi, im about to purchase an h9 to use with my bass and the ehx superego pedal. I want to use it with the quadravox algorithm so i can have a 5 part harmony. I also want to be able to switch the scale in the middle of the song for example if im playing a song on a minor y want to be able to switch it to harmonic minor with the press of a switch, i would like it to be a latching switch and also i would like to use the expression pedal as a volume control. Can somebody help me what should i purchase or if i can do this with the h9 switches?

You can do it easily. 

I would just create a sting of presets with the different keys- and just switch to the next patch. YOU can do it using the onboard buttons, or a separate aux switch x 1. .. or with MIDI.  You get 99 preset slots.. so you wont run out.