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nickrose wrote:

I’m afraid it looks as though you have a hardware problem. This may be the reason that the unit was sold.

Things to try before returning it:

1) Update (yet) again, by whatever means appears successful.

2) Following this, do a “Restoring Factory Presets and System Settings” as described in the UM.

3) Consider trying a different power supply.

If these fail, you should return it to your vendor, or send it in for service.



Thanks for your reply.

It’s worth pointing out that this was purchased from a friend and I know iit has worked well for him. It was working when I got it, I was just foolish to select the update option as I am not even sure it needed updating. The failure was directly caused by the update process – I’ve seen a lot of posts that all have the same type of issue, so I’m guessing that it’s not an uncommon fault?


Anyway – I tried again. Slightly further this time:

Attempted version 5.2.0[6] on a PC running Windows 10 fully updated. Note that I had to re-start PC before the H9 software would connect


Started Pitchfactor in update mode. Screen says ‘Update…


During process the following LEDs are lit:






H910/H949 blinks aproximately every 2 seconds


Update completed.


Software lost connection with device.


On the main screen I have 1 led lit under depth key, 2 lit to teh left of spped, 5 lit to the right of speed and 5 lit under Xnob


I removed power cable, held down the Flex button and Tempo encoderr, plugged in power supply. Single bar of lights appeared, paused then a full set of lights (seem slightly dim) and then finally turned off.



Any ideas? 🙂


Re: Power supply. Could this be a likely cause of the failure?