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Imerkat wrote:
camn wrote:

Imerkat wrote:

So it does seem that H9 doesn’t support slow/fast over MIDI…

I have to disagree. I have Fast and Brake working via MIDI, as described.

Really? so if you hold it for long you get slow/fast and if you press it quickly you get brake from the same settings on your MIDI control? i’ve worked out as double tap CC toggle for fast/slow and once for brake

Yes, really.
Though…it functions the opposite of what you desribed.

It is detailed in my post in the thread linked above….. But the essence is this:

If, via cc, I send 127 then 0 right away…it flips to slow. Then back to fast if I do the same … 127 then 0. This I call a TAP of a midi cc button in gate mode..not toggle. On/off. Because in gate mode it sends 127 when I press, and 0 when I release.

If I HOLD that same switch, sending just 127….it goes to BRAKE mode..just while I am holding it. When I release…it sends 0, and brake mode is released.

This is normal function…identical to my analog aux switch mapped to the performance switch.
Also reminiscent of traditional Leslie controls on a Hammond organ.

The key is sending the right cc signals.
Your need for a double tap is because your switch is in TOGGLE mode, instead of an on/off gate mode..which is a limitation of some controllers..like this guy’s. The Helix.