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Hi, my name is Massimiliano Atlantei


I have a problem with my EVENTIDE SPACE Serial number SP-11102 software version 5.2.oc6d

(mint condition), never used outside my house and never used that much.

Today I took my pedalboard and connected to the amp, but there’s no sound coming out of the pedal.

The pedal has its own adapter and everything works as usual – display ok, knobs working and number on display

changing when turning them, patches changing as always – but no sound. 

I have a mono connection going from the end of the chain – last pedal is delay – to the amp. 

If I disconnect the adapter the sound is ok. 

I checked if killswitch is engaged and it is not. I tried to change the bypass mode but with both 3 options no way.

I also tried to connect the pedal to the effects loop of the amp but no sound.


Can you please help me?


Thank you.