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I just RE-opened my TF and it’s back to life. Perfectly working. I have no idea of what and how happened,but seems like it was a short-circuit case.There was not a single piece of metal or anything to cause that,but that’s ok. I just hope that when I get home it does not stop working again and drive me crazy.

SO,THIS IS THE ADVICE: Make sure you did not let anything making contact with anything! HAHAHA Do not let anything make contact with any part of the main board,because I didn’t and mine wasn’t working as it was shorting (actually was,but I still don’t know what was causing it,so…).

Thank God my TimeFactor is functioning well (I guess,will check it out at home). Thank you guys,for all the help! Also,thanks to the Eventide crew for answering me by mail,even though it didn’t help me solving the not-working-and-seeming-dead problem haha  Your support and care for the customers and users are for real. Love you,guys! God Bless us all!