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It seems like a waste of an H9, and MIDI potential, but I believe (from memory) that you can pull it off.  Set the H9 Output to XMT (transmit), and the H9 + 3 keyboards to the same MIDI channel.  CTL.XMT needs to be On. Set the expression pedal [PED] to transmit CC7 or CC11 under XMT CC.

I was also going to mention the Source Audio Reflex, on the higher end.  It would really open up the independent control over those 3 keyboards, plus additional unique features, & 128 storable presets.

A more cost-effective solution would be to use your existing expression pedal with something like MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller.  Small inline box; powered by MIDI.  If you’re lucky enough to find one, there was an ancient Anatek device that’s similar, but more limited in scope.