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      This might seem completely mad, but I’m trying to control volume on 3 synths with one expression pedal, but it will only work through midi, because of the difference in synths (Roland FA-06, Prophet 6 and Pro 2). There doesn’t seem to be any small midi vol/expression pedals out there, so my question is this:

      Is it possible to plug an expression pedal into my H9 and have either CC7 or CC11 values outpud through midi. So I’d basically be using the H9 as a converter rather than FX (so nothing plugged into the in’s or outputs on the H9).

      Or can anyone think of another product that does the same thing, without going to the extreme of having a massive midi foot controller on the floor, but only using a petal. I can’t use an audio volume pedal like the Boss FV-50, because of the way I need my monitor hooked up.

      Thanks in advance


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      OR Disaster Area Designs makes a number of small midi controllers with expression pedal ins and midi outs.

      I doubt you can manage this with the H9 alone.

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      Here is another, but you’ll probably need a thru box like in the second link:



      good luck!

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      It seems like a waste of an H9, and MIDI potential, but I believe (from memory) that you can pull it off.  Set the H9 Output to XMT (transmit), and the H9 + 3 keyboards to the same MIDI channel.  CTL.XMT needs to be On. Set the expression pedal [PED] to transmit CC7 or CC11 under XMT CC.

      I was also going to mention the Source Audio Reflex, on the higher end.  It would really open up the independent control over those 3 keyboards, plus additional unique features, & 128 storable presets.

      A more cost-effective solution would be to use your existing expression pedal with something like MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller.  Small inline box; powered by MIDI.  If you’re lucky enough to find one, there was an ancient Anatek device that’s similar, but more limited in scope.

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      Thanks a lot for the replies. I should have been thinking about the Midi Solutions…er…solution.

      I have an event Processor Plus that I have in-line after the first board (FA-06) to allow program change through, but stop note or mod & pitch bend to get through. So I reprogrammed it to also map CC11 to CC7. So the FA-06 gets CC11 (Expression), but the Prophet 6 and the Pro2 get CC7 (which they work fine with).

      Sometimes the answer is under your nose.

      Thanks again


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