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Given To Fly
HejDuke wrote:

gkellum wrote:

We made a push last summer to add more demos for some of the algorithms.  We did add a bunch of new demos but there still are a lot of holes.  If you have a second and wouldn’t mind letting us know which demos you found lacking, we could put those on our TODO list.

With regards to presets, with a lot of our original batch of audio demos we didn’t have any information about what preset was used to create them, but with more recent audio demos we have been keeping track of that.  On that algorithm pages on our website it does show the preset names of samples where we know the preset name:


We need to make that information available in the app as well.

Thanks for the speedy reply!  Appreciate your response.  I’ve listened to all of them but I have not compiled a feedback list (yet) but right off the top of my head, I’d say the listening demo for Pitch-Shifting > H910/H949 is not the best representation of such an awesome algorithm. Admittedly, I bought it anyway as I was knew “Ballerina” was a patch right out of Steve Vai’s, Passion and Warfare, from a composition of the same name.  Idea: maybe pull a few voicings from that tune in an upcoming listening demo.

Thanks for asking for feedback.  I encourage other users or potentials buyers to do likewise.

“Ballerina 12/24” is why I bought the PitchFactor, but I figured it did other things too. laugh

I realize the Ring Modulator is a hard sell. It is difficult to explain and it usually sounds ugly. However, sometimes “ugly” is a very musically effective tool. Just a thought….marketing and accounting probably won’t like it. surprise