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hi, nickrose – thanks for your reply..! 

sorry to be unclear – yes, orville as a midicontroller.. (i included a picture of one of the controllers in visg – and in the previous post i included a picture of some of the parameters i’m trying to control..) in this case MSB CC 12 is controlling time and LSB 44 is controlling time..

so, in the picture i attached ‘mode’ is set to 0 (single controller message..) but if i set it to 1 (double controller message..) i’m not given a place to tell it what the ‘second’ controller value is – in this case LSB 44.. 


the second question – having to do with parameter range on the user interface..

so, the outboard analog delay i’m trying to control is a MOOG 500 series – it has no digital interface, only knobs.. it has a range of 70ms-800ms.. and since i’m controlling that with a cc message from the orville – how would i have the interface on the ORVILLE show a range of 70ms-800ms, instead of 0-127..?

i’ve been playing music for a long time, but MIDI is really new to me – so, sorry if i’m asking anything really obvious..

ok – thanks..