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c_drummond wrote:

Does anyone know if there is a way to attach an adapter to my timefactor so that I can connect to the h9 app via bluetooth? Just curious, it would make my life easier if I didnt have to attach a 6′ usb type b to it. 

If the TF has a powered midi output (the earlyier H9’s did not have that) you can use a Quicco Sound mi.1 Wireless Midi Adapter. Just stick em in the midi in and out of the TF and connect the mi.1 to your apple device. I use one of these to control my 2 H9’s and other midi equipment on my board by bluetooth and that works great as long as you do not use midi clock. Midi clock is not stable if used thru the mi.1. They can be found on Amazon in the states and at Thomann in europe.