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 I mean someone please change my mind…?

It literally makes you a god.


Do you use just one or do you have multiple?

I use only one mi.1 to control two H9’s, a Miditemp F-S-M (by SysEx) and a Selah Quarts Timer V2 and soon a Source Audio Reflex Pedal. The mi.1 is placed in de midi loop of my board. All my midi devices are controlled by the forScore app on my iPad which is connected to the mi.1. The forScore app has powerful midi capabilities and this way I can control all the midi devices thru bluetooth on my board. For me it works great. All devices are set per song and I don’t alter the parameters live except a few with a expression pedal. If I power up my board I connect my iPad to the mi.1 and start forScore and I am good to go. No midi cables, usb cables or guitar cables (Line 6 G70), only power to the board and board to amp.

I have attached a schematic of my current midi loop on the board including the mi.1


That sounds awesome but a little extensive. Is there a big learning curve? And how do you feel about the H9’s? I still am not convinced, I don’t usually tinker live…but I feel like if I get an H9, I’m gonna want to and not have the ability to