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parkerfly81 wrote:

sorry to be unclear – yes, orville as a midicontroller.. (i included a picture of one of the controllers in visg – and in the previous post i included a picture of some of the parameters i'm trying to control..) in this case MSB CC 12 is controlling time and LSB 44 is controlling time..

so, in the picture i attached 'mode' is set to 0 (single controller message..) but if i set it to 1 (double controller message..) i'm not given a place to tell it what the 'second' controller value is – in this case LSB 44.. 

The second controller is always 32 higher than the MSB controller. You don't have to think about this, as the MIDICOUT will handle it automatically if you set mode to 1..

parkerfly81 wrote:

the second question – having to do with parameter range on the user interface..

so, the outboard analog delay i'm trying to control is a MOOG 500 series – it has no digital interface, only knobs.. it has a range of 70ms-800ms.. and since i'm controlling that with a cc message from the orville – how would i have the interface on the ORVILLE show a range of 70ms-800ms, instead of 0-127..?

Don't think you can do this – the Orville has no way to know what is connected to the MIDI. For example, suppose there were two different things …