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camn wrote:

there are so many ways.


there is a dial on the thing that you can use with your hand.

you can click a button and increment.

you can use AuX swithces. 

OR you can use midi.

You can also program the thing, so that when you choose a preset on the H9.. it sends a signal over midi to the timefactor to switch as well. 

It can be a simple setup using no actual midi controller.


Or, you can enter he wonderful and fantastic world of midi! 

My setup just has a Disaster Are 3XL for control.


Its small.. and I have three banks. The top button cycles banks… the front 2 are the active ones.

bank 1: our rotation, organized by song title. I choose the song, it sets up my H9 (it can control both the H9 and a timefactor simultaneously, tho), 

bank 2: immediate activation up/down of presets.

bank 3: non-immediate up/down of presets. (I have to hit the button on the H9 to engage the change.)


I use the H(‘s right switch for tap tempo, and the left as on/off. I have an analog expression pedal (Mission) and analog AUX switch which is wired to the PERFORMANCE function. (which is totally key).


And seriously.. I am like 4 guitarists in 1. It is unreal.


Ok, you have seriously sold me. Nooowwww, i have to find some money lol but when i eventually get this thing, I will probably be posting some really simple questions on how to set it up haha


Thank you for the help!