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brock wrote:

You might want to check out the Octaver (for the sound itself; not the entire process).  It’s your best option for control over cutoff & deep resonance, + optional fuzz, but 1 & 2 octaves down from unison.  I’ve posted some step options here in the past.  They won’t get you exactly there, but might open up some routes to explore.


Ill check out the octaver.

I did check out your step filter effecst and quite a few were very good.  

None really had that flanging feel to them though (that you can hear in that sample I posted)


brock wrote:

I don’t know the ES-5, but you’ll need automated LFO-type control with either MIDI CCs, or an ‘automated’ expression pedal.  Something like a Lexicon MPX-1 can provide the first option, and an EHX 8 Step Program or Source Audio Reflex can provide the 2nd.  There are others (including keyboard options), but these are the ones that I use most often.  I’m going to say that any of them can reconstruct that sound sequence exactly.


The boss es-5 has an automated virtual expression pedal which I can program to send midi CCs to the H9.


Can you point me towards which algorithm might be the best to achieve what I am after?