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camn wrote:


I might save you the trouble.. 

I tried very hard to make my own controller that would reflect the knob position. I don’t think it can be done via MIDI at this time.. as a limitation of the H9. 

The H9 certainly sends that info on patch change via USB.. and via bluetooth… but I think it does NOT send it via midi.

I tried briefly to read the USB data dump.. but that got too crazy for me. 


I also couldn’t even get RELATIVE cc control to work right. The knobs were only absolute.

Maybe this can capability can be done with a future firmware update.. but for now I think it is impossible. 


BUT- please prove me wrong. I want this too!


Thanks, I suspected as much. To be honest building the MIDI controller was a bit of fun with the Arduino something that I’d been wanting to play around with for a while. I do now have a controller that resembles the Eventide Factor pedals (10 knobs, 3 footswitches and a screen) albeit that only works in one direction i.e. from controller to H9.

@Eventide – can we please get full MIDI info coming from the pedal and also accept algorithms into the pedal rather than just patches?