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st.bede wrote:

I planing on getting a Boss ES-8. The ES will send out tempo sync midi messages controlled by a “wave” (sin, saw, and square… if I remember right). The ES and an 8 step should be pretty powerful. For example I could have a cool filter step patteren with a wave increasing the amount of wet on say a verb. I need to know if I can set up the parameters on the ES wave.


I am playing with this now on my Boss ES5.  

I have a patch that sends a continuous wave of midi CC ramping values from 0-127 on midi cc no 2 and in my H9 I have cc 2 set as controlling the H9 expression pedal.

H9 control sees these changes an an expression pedal change so you can set any parameters to change that you like in H9 control.

ps.  I also have a normal expression pedal connected to my h9 and the “automated” midi cc expression pedal still works fine.