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Yeah, I think it is not possible. 


Of course.. my thought, still not possible.. but with way LESS firmware updating needed….. Is to get RELATIVE midi CC messages supported, so you could use an infinite pot to nudge values… along with LANDSCAPE mode on the ios phone app (or better yet android!)… then you slot your phone into your controller for display purposes, coupled with knobs that change the values smoothly- and presto. Next level.


I don’t think getting a whole value-dump via 5-PIN MIDI is practical.. but if they do it that would be awesome. Its a TON of data though.. compared to what is sent with a preset change currently.. and of course could have crazy consequences if you have a complicated midi rig with other devices on the output side of the H9.

Maybe though.. sending it via MIDI out the USB bus would be possible?


We can but dream.