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jarvss wrote:

… I use this all of the time already but sadly this is exactly what I’m trying to get away from. My ideal is not having to press several buttons on the H9 and also not having to use my iPad …

I mentioned those button combinations as a possible doorway into controlling those functions via Sysex.  I don’t have the recipe for a solution; I’m exploring potential options.  I’ve been looking through my computers for ‘TJsysex’.  The link I have is broken.  The PresetFormatDescription.pdf link is still active.


You’ll notice some interesting parameters packed inside [Product Type + Algorithm Index, Mknob values, etc.].  It confirms that Tempo is stored whether enabled or not.  And why a small % of expression pedal range doesn’t get stored.  What I haven’t been able to revisit is how this data would all translate into a *.syx file.