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dneilsen wrote:
… The boss es-5 has an automated virtual expression pedal which I can program to send midi CCs to the H9.

I’d forgotten just how powerful that controller was.  That triggered-type expression is something that I’ve feature-requested for the H9.  Close to perfect for this kind of preset, controlled over MIDI.

Too bad it only transmits On / Off out the EXT CTL jacks.  The H9’s expression inputs handle incoming data a bit more smoothly (understandably so), and there are a few more routes for per-preset variations.

If you can give me until the weekend, I’d like to put together some options for you.  When I listened to the clip on some “real” speakers, it gave me a few more ideas (like pulling it off in-preset, without external MIDI).  I’d also like to compare expression pedal control against a similar waveform over MIDI.

As it stands right now, I’m still thinking the Octaver algorithm.  I’ve gotten some unique results from that set of ‘squawky’ resonant filters.  Here’s a ‘handwritten’ example, from more than 4 years back: