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Strayhorse45 wrote:

I own an H9 Max. I do have an iLok. Is there any way to access the presets from the UltraTap plugin with an iLok?

You don't have to have an iLok or own the UltraTap plugin at all.

I suggested running the installer for the UltraTap plugin because it installs the UltraTap presets into your Documents directory under Eventide / UltraTap.  You could copy these preset files elsewhere if you'd like and completely uninstall UltraTap…  It's just a way of getting the files.

That is a round about way of getting the presets though.  We could make preset lists out of the different categories of UltraTap presets instead that you could import into H9 Control.  Since there are 258 of them, that might be the easiest way to get them into H9 Control, try them out and keep the ones you like.  Give us a few days to put this together.  We'll post a link back to this forum thead with that.