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Thanks, guys.  I still have intermittent power / mains, so here’s what I had, before all the rude interruptions:

dneilsen wrote:

I had a play around with the boss es5 and the h9 and got a couple of results that were getting closer with the phaser and the flange algorithm.

Not my first choice for this, and not because these won’t act like ‘filters’ with ‘resonance’.  It’s just a different approach with a characteristic sound … a little more ‘alien’ & ‘vocal’, for lack of better terms.  Put it this way: they’re not LP4 resonant filters.  And yet, that’s where you got pleasing results, so I started there as well.

dneilsen wrote:
I set the es5 to send a continous ramping cc value from 0 to 127 on midi cc 3 every bar and set my h9 to think that midi cc 3 is the expression pedal.

Good start.  Using the expression pedal mapping as a destination, a single source controls multiple parameters in different directions.  Save it all per-preset.  The automated ramp might be a little too smooth …

dneilsen wrote:
i then used to continually change the modulation options on the phaser/ flange algorithms.  They didn’t really have the step feel to them though.

In my setup, I have the option to coarsen or smooth out the waveforms; whether over MIDI, or auto-expression input options.  Here’s what (I assume) you’re sending over MIDI:

And here’s a represention of what a quantized ramp waveform might present:

I can think of a way to process your automated ramp externally [event processor].  Easily done, but more hardware required.  Right now,  you’re counting on the smooth ramp to provide double-duty (increase the expression / cutoff, and break it up into discrete steps}.,  So, we have to figure out a way to split that up.

dneilsen wrote:
I’d love to hear what options you can come up with.

I’m not too happy with them as a finished product, but this is as far as I got.  I used internal modulation for the sequencer steps, and increased ‘cutoff’ while decreasing ‘resonance’ with the expression pedal target.  On the presets that were not sync’ed to MIDI Clock [Tempo=OFF], I set the SPEED to around 6.0 Hz.


 And – of course – that led to unrelated experiments in wild multi-modulation:

dneilsen wrote:
Just know that the opt-in is there too have an automated expression pedal input.   🙂

Quick question:  Can you use both the expression pedal “thru” and the automated output from the ES-5 at the same time?  I assume that you’re using the Wave option.  My thought was that – instead of using a Ramp output – you could use a Square Wave to provide the steps.  The smooth ramp up would have to come from elsewhere.

Those were my initial ideas.  I still have a lot to try out, using the other algorithms.