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The complexity of the synth waveform itself can play into how accurate the pitch detection is.  You mentioned FM … I try to approach synth input with simpler waveforms.  Add the complexity with the post-processing.

For example, multiple detuned copies of a ‘Hoover’ patch going into MicroPitch detuning can get a little crazy.

That said, I throw all sorts of pitch changes at the H9 – deep vibratos, extreme / unnatural pitch bends, etc. – and it performs admirably on pitch tracking.  You can get it to glitch, if that’s what you’re after.  Beyond the PitchFactor algorithms, CrushStation & PitchFuzz come to mind as consistent performers.  Don’t forget to adjust your global Source parameter appropriately [Synth Lead; Synth Bass].  This H9 Algorithm Guide might help: