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      Hey guys,

      I’ve bought an H9 to use both with my guitars and my synthesizers.

      With the synth I’ll commonly use patches with vibrato, FM, or chorus, which can drive anything trying to track it like the H9 a little haywire!

      Aside from the obvious ones (pitch factor), it would be very useful to me to know which algos take advantage of pitch tracking, so I can design sounds both from the synth end and H9 end to work most effectively (i.e. mangle harmonics less to leverage pitch tracking algos effectively).

      Is there a list of algos that use pitch tracking with pitch shifting? For example, I take it that something like shimmer pitch shifts without tracking, whereas something like the Quadravox will need to track?


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      What exactly do you mean by pitch tracking?

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      The complexity of the synth waveform itself can play into how accurate the pitch detection is.  You mentioned FM … I try to approach synth input with simpler waveforms.  Add the complexity with the post-processing.

      For example, multiple detuned copies of a ‘Hoover’ patch going into MicroPitch detuning can get a little crazy.

      That said, I throw all sorts of pitch changes at the H9 – deep vibratos, extreme / unnatural pitch bends, etc. – and it performs admirably on pitch tracking.  You can get it to glitch, if that’s what you’re after.  Beyond the PitchFactor algorithms, CrushStation & PitchFuzz come to mind as consistent performers.  Don’t forget to adjust your global Source parameter appropriately [Synth Lead; Synth Bass].  This H9 Algorithm Guide might help:


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