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brock wrote:

Here’s what (I assume) you’re sending over MIDI:

yup. That’s pretty much it.   I can also use a sine, triangular or square wave form as well to generate the midi change


brock wrote:
Quick question:  Can you use both the expression pedal “thru” and the automated output from the ES-5 at the same time?  I assume that you’re using the Wave option.  My thought was that – instead of using a Ramp output – you could use a Square Wave to provide the steps.  The smooth ramp up would have to come from elsewhere.

Those were my initial ideas.  I still have a lot to try out, using the other algorithms.

If i move my manual expression pedal its change does register but it is immediately overridden by the midi expression pedal signal.

but…  i just had a thought

The boss es5 can send up to 8 midi signals per patch so i am not limited in that regard and i have noticed that the controls in h9 control can be bongs to the expression pedal or A B and C controls. 

I wonder if i can send a midi control to automate A B and C?

If so in theory i could have 4 automated control sets


Thanks for the patches above.   Ill try them out today.   Ill also test if i can Bind to A B C and let you know. 

Stay safe with the hurricane mate. 

We are getting some coverage here and it is not pretty.