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If you have 8 CCs avaialble, you might want to bind them to the parameters directly (Parameter 1-10, or KB0 – KB9; depending on the device).  Two things to note:  Those direct assignments are global, and will affect every preset / algorithm differently.  And second, there’s a limit to how much continuous data the H9 will take, before it starts freaking out.  Dropped information, display goes crazy, etc.  It’s a lot to process simultaneously.

Here’s the general path that I was after, using multi-modulation.  ModFilter this time.  I’m still not satisfied with the results, but they illustrate the direction that I’m taking with it.  This first preset is “all-in-one”.  No expression pedal mapping.  The internal Ramp climbs up the Square steps:

But if you want to use the automated expression signal [to better result, I think], drop out & neutralize all of the bottom row parameters.  Map the Intensity parameter from ~10 through ~90 as a “cutoff”, then hit it with the Ramp from the ES-5.  Still not perfect, but getting closer.