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brock wrote:

Two things to note:  Those direct assignments are global, and will affect every preset / algorithm differently.  And second, there’s a limit to how much continuous data the H9 will take, before it starts freaking out.  Dropped information, display goes crazy, etc.  It’s a lot to process simultaneously.

Re the global settings.

Yes they are global settings on the H9 but on my ES5 I can determine whether to send that data on a per patch basis.

For example.   I can load patch 143 and it will send:

– a midi PC to change to the patch on the H9

– Sync the H9 midi clock to the ES5 BPM setting

– And then send whatever CC messages I want, continuous or singular.


Re Freak out.

Yeah, I have found if I am sending continuous cc midi other midi can often be dropped.   (ie.  I need to do the PC before I start doing any CC events)


Ill give those modfilters presets a go.

I have been messing with the resonator algorithm with constantly changing the resonance and all 4 notes.  It also seems to achieve a result that is getting relatively close, but certainly not perfect….  yet