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James Roberts wrote:

So Mr Eventide, when will you allow us android users to control our expensive toys?

regards James


Yes, this question is the more urgent, the more Apple falls behind and the more inacceptable their repair policies / refusals get.

But alas, I got the feeling that the H9 may be nearing EOL sooner than any Android app is forthcoming.

It will amount to buying a used Crapple tablet on fleabay and using it for nothing else but that – and of course, constantly plugged into mains with their half-dead batteries…

But I’m an equal opportunity hater: Android grows more arbitrarily restritive and annoying by the day – all in the name of “security” “terrorism” and “global warming” – the favorite fear schemes of those ‘governing’ us to replace all the other overblown claims they have visited upon us in a past beyond memory.

Since I purchased my Sony XZ, several Android updates made it a successively worse experience:  First, it started to require password after reboots, instead of the much safer fingerprint unlock.  By now, I feel like I’ve lost control over the device – the first time, since I switched to Android, after finding Apple too much effort, having to hack and unlock it over and over after every update…  Just wasn’t worth the effort anymore, to remove the walls from Apple’s Aluminum ghetto, so I left…

The central role I had planned for my H9 Max on my pedal board didn’t work out, thanks to the Apple-only requirement, that spot is now held by Digitech. On most gigs, the H9 stays home… I can’t use it as much as I expected, it works much better for recording with the computer there to control it. And even then its annoying you can’t just stay digital through its USB for recording. Digitech allows me to do AD conversion once, then staying digital all the way into the DAW – eliminating multiple ADDA shreddings of my signal.

I know, that last bit above has nothing to do with the MIA Andriod app…

Annoyed and wondering when Eventide brings the next stomp box that can stay in the digital domain to obsolete the H9, and at what point I should sell it before prices tank… :p