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Ok, it sounds like you're having a couple of issues, so let's take them one at a time.  

First, are presets loading in the Active state (Active LED on the H9 itself should be lit up red)?  You seemed to imply in your first inquiry that Sculpt presets are loading in the Bypass state (Active LED is not lit).  

Second, in order for the gate to work well you might need to adjust your input level.  You can check your input level in H9 Control, click on the "Pedal" button at the bottom of H9 Control, then select "Input Gain and Level Meters."  Now play your instrument to see how much input level you have.  Ideally you'll want your input level at the loudest point to be greater than or equal to the middle point of the meter (about -20 dB).  If your input is significantly less, just increase the "Input Gain" slider until your input level is at the -20 dB point or higher when you're playing your loudest.