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Given To Fly
bodde wrote:

I know we just had the PitchFuzz and I don’t want to sound greedy. But any ideas what the next move will be for the H9? Very curious what Eventide will come up with next.

I just noticed that each Factor pedal has 10 algorithms while the Space has 12 algorithms. There are currently 49 total algorithms available for the H9. Will the 50th algorithm be the last one for the H9? I know you probably can not answer that, but it seems like a logical place to stop. I do not think I am going out on a limb by saying the H9 has been a successful product for Eventide, correct? The amount of time and energy that has been put into H9 Control seems like it has been designed for future use too. I am sure your engineers wanted to make some improvements to the hardware and software components of the pedal because that is what engineers like to do. My question is how long ago you finished the first prototype for the H9’s successor? I realize you probably can not answer that question either. 

Well, I’m sure you will come up with something good. You usually do! yes