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I know this is a very old post but I just found it when I was searching for how to remove the rubber feet (which I didn’t do on my first board).  Now, that I’m working on my 3rd board and have an additional H9 … I’d like to do it a little differently (not that it didn’t work perfectly the first time (just a little more work than I’d like to do this time).  The rubber feet weren’t the only problem on the first board … I was very concerned about the right-angle Switchcraft jacks being positioned to my linking.  So … I made a riser-board out of poplar (realtively cheap at Lowe’s) and threaded it with brass insert screws and thumb-screws / washers from underneath.  It could have just as easily been attached using 3m dual lock and been totally secured.  But, the riser did the trick and I may have to cut another one after realizing just how securely fastened the rubber feet are to the H9 unit itself.  I recommend making a riser just to maintain the integrity of the pedal (keeping the rubber feet attached)  I simply cut holes for each rubber foot and then the pedal would lay flat on the poplar where I used my 3m dual lock placed above and below the Eventide H9 serial number sticker.  I went through the same process for my Wah, Volume, Expression, RJM PBC, and all 3 Strymons. Good luck and happy licks.