How to mount an H9 to a pedalboard?

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      Simple question.  The H9 is an effects pedal that is. Almost alway going to be mounted on a pedalboard. So how do you do it?  With the Timefactor I had to remove the rubber base to use Velcro. On the H9 the rubber feet seem to be very securely fastened and I hesitate the start wrenching them off. 

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      The rubber feet on the H9 are securely fastened using strong industrial adhesive. I do not blame you for hesitating to remove them. If you change your mind, you should NOT use any type of force in the direction of your face or body. You should wear eye protection. A flathead screwdriver could be used to pry them off, as could a small pair of pliers. Please be careful.


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      I ran into the same issue trying to get the feet off. If you have a pedaltrain type board my solution was to daisy chain three zipties together and ziptie it to the board. So far it works great and is a super cheap solution. Original image is at .

      good luck!


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      I know this is a very old post but I just found it when I was searching for how to remove the rubber feet (which I didn’t do on my first board).  Now, that I’m working on my 3rd board and have an additional H9 … I’d like to do it a little differently (not that it didn’t work perfectly the first time (just a little more work than I’d like to do this time).  The rubber feet weren’t the only problem on the first board … I was very concerned about the right-angle Switchcraft jacks being positioned to my linking.  So … I made a riser-board out of poplar (realtively cheap at Lowe’s) and threaded it with brass insert screws and thumb-screws / washers from underneath.  It could have just as easily been attached using 3m dual lock and been totally secured.  But, the riser did the trick and I may have to cut another one after realizing just how securely fastened the rubber feet are to the H9 unit itself.  I recommend making a riser just to maintain the integrity of the pedal (keeping the rubber feet attached)  I simply cut holes for each rubber foot and then the pedal would lay flat on the poplar where I used my 3m dual lock placed above and below the Eventide H9 serial number sticker.  I went through the same process for my Wah, Volume, Expression, RJM PBC, and all 3 Strymons. Good luck and happy licks.

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      I wound up having to stick two layers of velcro to each other before placing the H9 on my Pedaltrain Junior. It doesn’t stick to the board as well as my other pedals, though they don’t have large feet under them. I’d like to find some really thick velcro to match the depth of the H9’s feet.

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      huh. My rubber feet peeled off pretty easy.

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      I didn’t know I could remove them…. Done.

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