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I couldn’t find a way to start a new thread so I’m posting here because the subject was similar. I’ve been successfully using an H9 Max and the Digitech FS300 foot switch to control (A) bank down-Tip, (B) Learn Flex-Ring, (C) Tap-Tip-Ring. I purchased a H9 Core and am attempting to have the FS300 switch just the (B) Learn Flex-Ring, (C) Tap-Tip-Ring, I don’t the Presets effected. I’ve been at this on and off for two days and cannot get it to work, Ive had inconsistant response with tap tempo but nothing registers regarding the Learn-Flex function. I’ve tried just the FS300 switch and also the switch plus a midi cable. I’ve tried every combo I could find in these forum posts. Can someone give me a Clear explanation to solve this?